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On the sidelines of the 9th International Session for Presidents and Directors of National Olympic Academies and Officials of NOC’s (IOA, Olympia, Greece), was held on the proposal of Mr. Ridha Layouni, President of the Tunisian National Olympic Academy, an ad hoc meeting of the African National Olympic Academies on May 15, 2008.

The meeting was attended by representatives of NOC’s and NOA’s of the 22 African countries present at Olympia: Algeria (Mr. Mohamed Daho), Benin (Messrs. Marius Francisco and Julien V. Minavoa), Burundi (Mr. Emmanuel Ntakirutimana), Centre Africa (Mr. Jean-Claude Gueza), Comoros (Mr. Mohamed Farahane), Côte d’Ivoire (Mr. Namana Fadiga), Gambia (Mr. George F. Gomez), Ghana (Mr. Saka Acquaye), Kenya (Messrs.  James Mukura Chacha and Stephen K. Arap Soi), Mali (Mr. Sekou Hamed Niambélé), Morocco (Mr. Mohamed El Amrani), Mauritius (Mr. Sanjaye Goboodun), Nigeria (Mr. Augustine Okojie Odijie), Sao Tome and Principe (Mrs. Maria do Rosario Afonzo Lomba), Senegal (Mr. Soulaymane B. Daouda Diop), Seychelles (Mr. Alain Alcindor), Sudan (Mr. Tarik Salih), Swaziland (Mr. Dan Jabu Mavuso), Tanzania (Mr. Henry Tandua), Chad (Mr. Job N’Djerayan Ngarguinam), Tunisia (Mr. Ridha Layouni) and Zimbabwe (Mrs. Sibusisiwe Chindove).

The agenda of this meeting was to “consider and approve the terms and procedures to create an Association of African National Olympic Academies.

The meeting concluded its work by setting up a working committee consisted of Messrs. Ridha Layouni (Chairman), James Chacha (Secretary) and Soulaymana B. Daouda Diop (Member) and the Olympia Declaration in which the representatives of NOA’s and NOC’s present decided to establish the Association of African National Olympic Academies (AANOA) and mandate for  this purpose Dr. Ridha Layouni to undertake all necessary steps with the IOC, ANOCA, Olympic Solidarity, IOA, and NOC’s and NOA’s of Africa for organization and financing of the Constitutive General Assembly of  AANOA in Tunisia before the end of 2008.

Representatives Country Flag
Mohamed Daho Algeria
Marius Francisco Benin
V. Julien Minavoa Benin
Emmanuel Ntakirutimana Burundi
J. Claude Gueza Central Africab Republic
M. Farahane Comoros
Namana Fadiga Ivory Coast
George F. Gomez Gambia
Saka Acquaye Ghana
J. Kumura Chacha Kenya
S.K. Arap Soi Kenya
Sékoul Hamed Niambélé Mali
Sanjaye Goboodun Mauritius
Mohamed El Amrani Marocco
Augustine Okojie Odijie Nigeria
Maria Do Rosario Afonso Lomba Sao Tome and Principe
Soulaymane B. Daouda Diop Senegal
Alain Alcintor Seychelles
Tariq Salih Sudan
Dan Jabu Mavuso Swaziland
Henry Tandau Tanzania
Njob N’Djerayan Chad
Ridha Layouni Tunisia
Sibusisiwe Chindove Zimbabwe