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JO 2016, 50km walk: The infernal and heroic race Yohann Diniz, seventh in the 50km walk

JO 2016, 50km walk: The infernal and heroic race Yohann Diniz, seventh in the 50km walk

For the 38 year old athlete, the Olympics seem cursed. In 2008, in Beijing, Yohann Diniz had been forced to quit because of stomach pains and thighs. In London in 2012, he was disqualified after his arrival for being refueled off area. In Rio, he suffered stomach problems but ended courage. Back on his heroic race in four acts.

In Rio, Yohann Diniz makes the difference from the first minutes of the race and quickly sow his opponents. The gap is widening: it gets up to 2 minutes ahead of his pursuers.

After an hour and a half race, the French is seized by stomach problems. Despite the pain, Yohann Diniz remains in the lead. He continues as if nothing had happened. At mid-race, however, he has only 1’40 “ahead of his opponents. But his lead eventually melt.

A18 kilometers from the finish, Yohann Diniz crashes on the aisle, plagued by stomach pains. It ends up being overtaken by its rival, the Canadian Evan Dunfee, who encouraged him to leave.

Yohann Diniz and not giving up. It is then in the second position. If the French hangs a time, despite the pain reflected on his face, he is forced to land.

Until kilometer 35, the tricolor walker remains in the lead group. But the pain is too strong. Victim of an illness, he collapses on the volunteers bitume.Des then rush to meet it. And he goes again. But his Olympic medal dreams soar. On social networks, messages of support tributary.

But the athlete, triple European champion, not giving up. Yohann Diniz finally cross the finish line after 3:46 minutes and 43 seconds of hell, or nearly a quarter hour of his personal best.

It thus ends in seventh position, behind the Slovak Matej Toth, gold medalist in 3h40’58 “. According to his coach, Walker lost consciousness on arrival and was sent to hospital dehydration victim.