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The Haitian Jeffrey Julmis, hero for a day

The Haitian Jeffrey Julmis, hero for a day

In Rio, every day brings its share of surprises heroic or moving. The semifinals of the 110 meters hurdles offered one of those emotional moments that mark the Olympics, with the beautiful “performance” of the Haitian Jeffrey Julmis.

Engaged in the semifinals of the 110m hurdles, Julmis fell at the first hurdle. A fall that has obviously deprived of any hope of qualifying. “I thought,” Aah, but why here? “. But, it happens. In sports, this is the kind of things that can happen anytime … ”

But the Haitian did not stop there. While his rivals had returned to the locker room, his choice was to get up and finish the race : “It did not make sense to give up as a loser and leave the track. So I got up and I finished the race, as a man. ”

The stage was then set to encourage and make it for a few minutes, his hero. He then confessed that he had thought about other heroic moments of the Games, as these two athletes injured who helped each other to finish the race.

“When the crowd applauded me, it was really the best time. I felt the spirit that I saw in the videos. It was a bitter sweet feeling and the time I had a heartache but the crowd helped me to finish the race. ”

On social networks, Julmis became one of the stars of this Olympic day with their attitude. What make him want to continue for the next Olympic Games.

“I tell you: I will be in Tokyo in 2020. No one can stop me now.”